Something strange is happening in the school at night. Will you dare to take part in the secret word-challenge? The rules are simple. You have only few seconds to spell out the words appearing on black board. Use your fast fingers to shoot letters in correct order.

Word Shot - Menu
Word Shot - Gameplay #1
Word Shot - Player metrics

Use a keyboard or a mouse to type the words correctly. In "Challenge" mode you have only few seconds per word. In "Relax" mode there is no rush, but each next level requires more words to complete. Moreover, a complexity of the words increases from level to level. How far will you go?

3-in-1 Word Game

WORD SHOT has three different game types to choose from: a classical typing game, a foreign words learning game and a word guessing game. Moreover, each one has two game modes (Challenge and Relax).

Game type - Word Typing (French)
Game type - Word Learning (Russian to English)
Game type - Word Guessing (French)

The game supports English, French, Italian and Russian languages as 16! vocabulary pairs. And more to come.

Key Features


The current state of the game is an alpha version (0.4). If you have any suggestions/comments/bug-reports please don't passing by. Any feedback would be helpful for further game evolution.


WORD SHOT is available for Windows (32b/64b), Linux (64b) and Mac OSX (64b). There is also a Web version to play online. You may play/download the game at Itch or GameJolt

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