Three life forms want to survive on malfunctioning spaceship drifting in deep space.

The spaceship is damaged. The security system is out of control. You play as Alex, an engineer and your objective is to save yourself, your wife transformed into an energy and a plant. Follow the quests, get some loot to keep your HP and energy level high, avoid traps, solve puzzles to unlock the doors on your way to the captain's bridge.

Three'n'itty - Deck A3 Gameplay
Three'n'itty - Deck A4 Quest Gameplay
Three'n'itty - Deck A4 Gameplay

Three'n'itty is a top-down adventure. The game is a mix of various mechanics (match puzzle, minesweeper) and genres (TBS, quest, roguelite, survival).

Use [WASD] to move, [ENTER] to handle ITTy (a handheld teleporting tool).

Three'n'itty - Deck A4 Puzzle Gameplay
Three'n'itty - Deck A5L Gameplay
Three'n'itty - Deck A6L Loot Gameplay

The game is available in English language. And more to come.

Key Features


The current state of the game is released (1.0). If you have any suggestions/comments/bug-reports please don't passing by. Any feedback would be helpful for further game evolution.


Three'n'itty is available for Windows (x64). There is no Web version to play online. You may download and play the game at Itchio.

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